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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of shirk.


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  • Mr. Dimon, by contrast, immersed himself in every detail of his acquisitions, fought to get prices that made hard financial sense and never shirked from the consequences.

    What Happens Under Pressure

  • Earlier authors, in short, shirked the real problem of marriage, they ended where they should have begun.

    Women's Wild Oats Essays on the Re-fixing of Moral Standards

  • The labour which you have shirked, which is now hidden from you, will be disclosed, you will justify your existence by taking your place as an element of the community.

    The Inside of the Cup — Complete

  • COOMBS: I was, you know at first I just kind of shirked it off and I laughed and said, you know, just somebody else slamming the 9/11 widows.

    CNN Transcript Jun 12, 2006

  • They smiled at each other with chummy remembrance of many a family festival they had "shirked" together in the old days.

    Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1904

  • At the same time, the Inter Press Agency reported that while Panetta failed to obtain agreement from Israel that it would not attack Iran without first informing Washington, Obama has shirked any responsibility for Israel's action in that he "had no say" over Israel "as a sovereign country."

    Renee Parsons: Looking at Israel's Nuclear History as US Sabers Rattle

  • A weight had gone, and he seemed raised by the sudden lightness following close on shirked burdens.


  • But last night, I shirked all wedding-related chores and did what I do best.

    My Final Post as an Unmarried Man

  • Trial courts, appellate courts, and even state supreme courts have shirked their duty to take seriously the recurring claims of race discrimination.

    Bidish Sarma: When Will Race No Longer Matter in Jury Selection?

  • The Education Law Center said the state shirked the court's order, while lawyers from the state attorney general's office said the Christie administration had no choice in a dire budget year but to trim from the largest piece of the pie.

    Judge Knocks Christie Cutbacks


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