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  • n. Plural form of shirtfront.


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  • Harmonizing with its distinctive period flavor is the band's sartorial image: Mr. Raabe and his gifted colleagues perform in immaculate evening dress — tailcoats and double-breasted black or white dinner jackets, with shirtfronts and batwing collars starched to a board-like stiffness lamentably forgotten by our wash-and-wear society.

    The Wunderbar Max Raabe

  • The best I could ever come up with was "deosmudge", the white deoderant residue some guys haphazardly have on their shirtfronts/tails.


  • As a performer Mr. Raabe is panache incarnate, his hair brilliantined to a polish that P.G. Wodehouse would admire, his tuxedo immaculately tailored, his wing collars and shirtfronts magnificently starched (no wash-and-wear formal togs for this gent).

    Music of the Weimar Republic --

  • Linen shirts six, three pairs of socks; four shirtfronts; flannel vests; of underlinen two sets.

    The Double

  • After an initial flurry of opening hellos, he and Russell - the wonderful girl's brother's name was Russell, a name which, to Arthur's mind, always suggested burly men with blond moustaches and blow-dried hair, who would at the slightest provocation start wearing velvet tuxedos and frilly shirtfronts and would then have to be forcibly restrained from commentating on snooker matches - had quickly discovered they didn't like each other at all.

    So long, and thanks for all the fish

  • Barnabas was in a world of silks and satins and glittering gems, of broadcloth and fine linen, where such things are paramount and must be lived up to; a world where the friendship of a Duchess may transform a nobody into a SOMEBODY, to be bowed to by the most elaborate shirtfronts, curtsied to by the haughtiest of turbans, and found worthy of the homage of bewitching eyes, seductive dimples, and entrancing profiles.

    The Amateur Gentleman

  • I sat drinking port -- poison to me after champagne, but a lulling poison -- and listened to noblemen with unstained shirtfronts talking about the Australian cricket match ....

    Seven Men

  • There was a final rustle of gowns, a final crackle of Sunday shirtfronts, and then a hushed silence.


  • It flashed by like a Leonid, but left a gay impression of flower-tinted velvet cloaks and ermine and waved hair with a glitter of diamonds and oval white shirtfronts and black coats.

    Winnie Childs The Shop Girl

  • Gentlemen, think not that, the ladies are simply our imitators, because they wear our hats, coats, shirtfronts and bloomers; they are our competitors as well its our imitators.



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