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  • n. the industry or practice of making shirts


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shirt +‎ making


  • Wages Boards in certain industries employing great numbers of workpeople, such as tailoring, shirtmaking, and so on.

    Constructive Imperialism

  • Many of these schools, and some others have also hosiery, shirtmaking, and similar industries, and some, as

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 13: Revelation-Stock

  • Every man who let out a tenement-house in workmen's dwellings was to be haled before the law and punished if a tailor on his premises did his work at home, if a widow took in shirtmaking to keep her children.

    Sir George Tressady — Volume II

  • My friend elicited these important facts under the pretence of wishing to employ her himself in the shirtmaking department of his own business.

    Ilka on the Hill-Top and Other Stories

  • A band of women workers were prepared to associate for the mutual benefit of the operatives in the shirtmaking and clothing trades.

    An Autobiography

  • To such length has the Leave-alone principle carried it, by way of organizing labor, in this affair of shirtmaking.

    Latter-Day Pamphlets

  • Many things have been written about shirtmaking; but here perhaps is the saddest thing of all, not written anywhere till now, that I know of.

    Latter-Day Pamphlets

  • I think Coffin's book on shirtmaking claims that the hem vee should match the bottom vee (not that that means you have to do it that way).

    The Stitchery

  • Whilst shirtmaking can be very gratifying, I find it takes the wind out of you after the second one or so, even when spaced days apart …. personal experience of course.

    The Stitchery

  • County Donegal; his first play, The Factory Girls (1982), which drew on his mother's and aunts 'experiences in shirtmaking factories; and Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme (1985), his dramatisation of the lives of a group of Protestant soldiers as they made their inexorable way to the horror of July 1 1916.

    Slugger O'Toole


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