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  • n. A dish made with small pieces of meat and vegetables which are cooked on a skewer.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Turkish şiş kebap, from şiş ("skewer") + kebap ("kebab").


  • I took a squirrel at 31 yds once, he didn't go anywhere, shishkabob.

    whats your farthest and successful bow shot on an animal? how far did it run afterward?

  • They give you a toothpick to take ONE, but I like to make my own Asian shishkabob by stabbing through 5-6 of those – tasty.

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • I then mentioned that a normal sized man must be able to skewer her like a shishkabob during sex and wondered aloud if it made him a pervert to have sex with a midget.

    unclebob Diary Entry

  • Catch North Texas jazz legend Shelley Carrol Mondays at Amsterdam Bar Check out what out-of-towners think is cool (and not-so-cool) about downtown Dallas: got a waiter, I ordered the Bevo Bites (steak and vegetable shishkabob thingy). stories

  • * the looming, then crashing return of my student loan debt makes the Sword of Damocles look like a plastic hamburger shishkabob

    2002, the year in review

  • I've even used my spear to nudge them and line them up to get two or three in one shot, like a shishkabob. " Latest Headlines


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