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  • noun slang, vulgar A dump; a rundown, messy or disgusting item.


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shit +‎ box


  • Ginnie knew what a shitbox I was living in in Brooklyn, so she said I could stay here while she was gone.

    68 & Riverside

  • I got a small plastic patio end table ($5) and put my laundry hamper on top of it, with the shitbox underneath.

    Hidden Entryway Cat Litter Box | Lifehacker Australia

  • Betwixt the hamper and the plastic table, I laid down an old apron to cover the side of said shitbox.

    Hidden Entryway Cat Litter Box | Lifehacker Australia

  • You guys have stolen the Republican Party, and have taken the rusted, gas guzzling shitbox out for Sunday spin, while the Republicans are left to plot and ponder their next move from the confines of a white-walled nuthouse.

    Matthew Yglesias » Endgame

  • "I'm only in this shitbox because I made a couple of bad bets when it came to reallocating some supplies."

    the SPARTACUS office AU badfic

  • Preferably with a 9pm show to combat Hannity, and send Abrams to the 6pm hour to replace that shitbox show "Race for the White House".

    FactCheck.Org Gets It Right: McCain's Troop Visit Attack Ad Is False

  • Five days later, when he was out in the parking lot on a scalding afternoon, Vikki Gaddis had driven off the highway in a shitbox leaking smoke from every rusted crack in the car body.

    Rain Gods

  • Down the aisle between two rows of vehicles, he saw the chain-locked gates he would have to exit with whatever truck or SUV or compact shitbox he managed to boost.

    Rain Gods

  • True, your new shitbox might only last you a year, but by that time your unemployment will have run out.

    Mike Condrick: How To Be Unemployed

  • Tell us now or we'll rip that shitbox to shreds. ""

    Books: “Lush Life”


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