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  • n. A shitload.


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shite +‎ load


  • Every great empire with a shiteload of hubris gets stuck there; - P

    We Look to the Horizon | ATTACKERMAN

  • Today would have been better spent updating the news section of the Pink House website, as there will soon be a shiteload more visitors (thanks to the IFP selection) and that part of the site hasn't been updated since May.

    8/30/02 Tessa flew to Los

  • My plan for this Memorial Day was to spend the entire day drinking beer, eating a shiteload of barbe


  • I also don't agree with a lot of JJ's opinions, being a committed Socialist, but I believe that JJ has more than proved that he's very intelligent, has an absolutely stunning shiteload of experience and (crucially) is open to discussion.

    Army Rumour Service

  • I have a shiteload of good stuff to blog coming up for the morning update. linking a two year-old video from Nate Dogg and Eminem that exemplifies everything that's wrong with hip-hop but is still freaking awesome ...

    Tony's Kansas City

  • I realize the young folk don't like stories about "back in the day" so much, but there really was an energy shortage in the 70s caused by the Arab Oil Embargo (by which the Bush's made a shiteload of money) and people really did propose things like fuel efficient vehicles and mass transit and, yes, keeping your thermostat down in the winter and up in the summer, and checking your air pressure in your tires.

    Election Central Morning Roundup

  • This is one of those relative to vlow overheads websites where we're making a shiteload of money but we've decided to add some new features and offer equity to engineers, even though our business brings in millions of earnings to it's two founders/owners/employees. (so offering equity isn't some option in the future where you may get some triggering event, it's sharing in the dividend etc ie taking money out of pockets of current founders/owners unless pie is grown so much that more money is generated ... etc)

    Olsen Twins hit the Powerset Hot or Not Attention Radar Networks.

  • After reading a shiteload of comments that, once one third down the page, seemed too poorly thought out and distinctly vague to give merit, I am going to do my best to give a neutral yet insightful view regarding the authenticity of the film’s fake footage.

    Is “The Fourth Kind” real or fake? Secrets revealed » Scene-Stealers


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