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  • noun Plural form of shit.
  • noun vulgar, slang ("the shits") diarrhea (diarrhoea).
  • verb Third-person singular simple present indicative form of shit.


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  • I lived in France for four years, and I constantly ran into lazy shits from the U.S.

    Think Progress » North Carolina School Secretary Claims She Was Fired For Speaking Spanish To Parents

  • But again, it's because some are total chicken-shits, which is exactly why Gore and Kerry lost their elections.

    Poll: McCain Takes National Lead; Even Besting Obama On The Economy

  • There were times when you really hoped people would behave like shits, which is the one time they never did.

    Babylon Nights

  • Britain, thanks to Bush, Obama, Blair, Gordon Brown, and the not so royal family of this cesspool of human excrements - in other word shits - called America and England.

    An Arab Woman Blues - Reflections in a sealed bottle...

  • I'll just throw in a wide abundance of "shits" and "fucks" and it'll be just like a normal diary entry.

    unclebob Diary Entry

  • I can see how that would be exciting for WF and other lefty sites that are barely able to rub two thoughts together without squeezing out a lot of "shits," "fucks" and

    Jules Crittenden

  • Then his language deteriorated into 'shits' and 'arseholes' (lots of those) and he started interrupting everyone, so much so that the woman sitting next to me shouted 'Oh shut up' and we all shouted back 'Go for it girl'.

    West End Whingers

  • KROQ broadcast, but there's a bunch of "shits" and "fucks" which I would be surprised made it on the air of such a prestigious radio station.

    The Sound Of Indie

  • Gotta say I couldn't give two-shits about this ordeal and wish it would go away.

    Tiger, Tiger

  • As this is a form letter that is only meant to give off an illusion that we could care two-shits about you, or your manuscript -- we will say only that your query letter needed to be more than a sentence, and less than a treatise.



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