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  • n. Plural form of shitwit.


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  • And then I will bite back, because maybe all these bigoted yahoos and shitwits are lunatics, but in case no one's noticed, the lunatics are still wielding a hell of a lot of political power these days.

    "I will battle for the sun..."

  • And, too, I'll say again, that it's a crying shame that Second Life is so burdened with being an online dating/social network and a haven for shitwits (of many, many species) that it will never realize even half its potential as an innovative medium for storytelling.

    Entry #1,954

  • Wow, what an angry, sexy, fuck-you sort of story, all wrapped in Lovecraftiana, steampunk, and the sort of coitus that keeps shitwits like Orson Scott Card awake at night.

    Not with a bang, but a flood of white noise.

  • This violence was just over-the-top, involving people's heads exploding on-camera; the MPAA are a bunch of hypocritical shitwits, because having a guy get torn to shreds is okay but an erect, unbloodied penis is too much for America to stand.

    Dawn of the Dead

  • And finally, the shitwits are all falling down, going bankrupt, getting called on their loans, getting called on their bluffs.

    New Jersey Real Estate Report

  • And I'm bolloxed if that shower of fucking fascist shitwits are going to control what I say, the cock-knocking, arse-munching bunch of cunts.

    DK supports Nick Griffin


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