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  • v. Slang Variant of schlep.

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  • n. Alternative form of schlep.
  • v. Alternative form of schlep.

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  • v. walk or tramp about
  • n. (Yiddish) an awkward and stupid person
  • n. a tedious or difficult journey
  • v. pull along heavily, like a heavy load against a resistance


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  • Do you want to play a part? shlep needs your help: shlep is seeking co-editors to contribute regularly to its content and help guide its construction and evolution.

    shlep under the radar

  • Anyone interested in making a significant contribution to shlep is urged to contact David Giacalone at “shlep AT localnet dot com” [no spaces in the address].

    shlep under the radar

  • I gather that the self-help law movement presented in shlep aims to go beyond simply providing public access to legal information.

    shlep under the radar

  • However, many Yiddish words have entered mainstream English, mainly, but not exclusively, in the United States - "shlep" (to carry or drag a load), "chutzpah" (audacity), "kvetch" (to whine, complain), "nebbish" (a simpleton, a weakling) being just a few.

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper

  • You probably know more Yiddish than you think, thanks to "Seinfeld," Heeb magazine and Jewish screenwriters, who made words such as shlep, klutz, nosh, shlimazel (remember the "Laverne and Shirley" hopscotch theme song?) and shmooze household lingo.


  • I guess the answer is that I must shlep into Westchester to go to Aberdeen (first rate Hong Kong Cuisine) or to Chinatown in NYC.

    NJ Dining: Petite Soochow (UPDATED)

  • It appears that you would rather shlep through your existence unaware, uneducated, uninformed while wearing blinders that limits your already myopic reality.

    Think Progress » Texas Tea Party candidate: ‘There are some very good arguments’ that government was involved in 9/11.

  • They also have cramps and zits and have to shlep maxi pads around.

    Leslie Goldman: A Letter To My 13-Year-Old Self

  • Lobbying for a bus tour and then "Recher calculated that Palin and the people traveling with her spent about 24 hours total on board the" Going Rogue "bus during the first seven days of the book tour." spending 3 hours a day on it herself while the rest of the peons shlep around 24 hours a day on it.

    Palin aide downplays use of private jet

  • Between beeps, we ragged on the upper echelon who don't understand or value those who shlep for dreams and dollars.

    Megan Snedden: Dream Like New York Or Die Trying


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