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  • n. Plural form of shlub; alternative spelling of schlubs.


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  • Chief among the surprises is Paul Giamatti, an actor we think we know: He looks shlubby, so he must be shlubby; he has, admittedly, played some shlubs.

    'Win Win' 1, Sports Clichés 0

  • Of course, if it's at $250,000 that will shield most of us shlubs.

    Let me tell you how it will be (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • An odd consequences of the system is that it actually makes it easier for ordinary shlubs to win.

    Are Golf Tournaments Too Big?

  • And as the low-information voters with short attention spans fight over the trivialities and distractions -- poor shlubs that they are, devoted to an Islamophobic "news" network whose Saudi co-owner funded the very mosque they repudiate - business lobbyists fight to keep those same folks poor and dumb and make the wealthy even wealthier.

    David A. Love: Capitalism Is Killing Us

  • And for we shlubs, the concept of being in the kind of shape to jog after a track and still hold in the kill zone is an ideal to strive for.

    Biathlon Snipers

  • We don't know who Theophilus for whom Luke/Acts was written was, but he isn't an emperor so "Luke" has to keep it short, and unless Theophilus was impressed it would have to be copied by the middle class shlubs that made up the top tier of Christianity.

    Is There Evidence For Mythicism?

  • But not at the poor shlubs at A.I.G. who got the bonuses.

    Lisa Solod Warren: The New American Witch Hunt

  • In it, the capitalist entrepreneurs go on strike against the collectivist shlubs - government, the unions, and the working class in general - all of whom leach off of the great men, and the world collapses.

    Larry Beinhart: The Fall of a Free Market Prophet

  • I just feel sorry for the poor shlubs at the wheel who had to tote these monsters around.

    Artists in Action #526

  • Some have confidence, savior faire, others are shlubs.

    Point of Privilege « Whatever


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