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  • adv. nonstandard spelling of sure, based on dialectal pronunciation
  • n. A Japanese free reed musical instrument similar to the sheng.

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  • An obsolete or dialectal form of she.
  • Same as pshaw.
  • n. A Japanese unit of measure for liquids, equal to 1.80 liters, or .477 of a United States gallon.


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Phonetic Southern US dialectal spelling of sure.

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From Japanese (shō).


  • As Hoke said to Miss Daisy in that absolutely wonderful movie, Lawsy Miss Daisy, you sho is a card.

    Walmart in Patzcuaro?

  • I wanted to rap about everyone, but being a drummer I totally copped on the rest of the rhythm - fo' sho' - my bad.

    Super Bowl Halftime Show – The Who | Manolith

  • It's Marse Harry, fo 'sho' -- I fotch him yere myse'f.

    Kennedy Square

  • The Japanese this time, with the help of the Monbu-sho, which is the Ministry of Education, is going to finance some -- the numbers aren't great, but I think it will really be useful -- some 300 high school students a year will be coming here, starting next year.

    Remarks By Ambassador Mondale Tokyo

  • West, including flutes of marble, flutes of ivory, flutes of bamboo of wonderful shapes and tones, and that shrill Chinese instrument called sho -- a sort of mouth-organ consisting of seventeen tubes of different lengths fixed in a silver frame.

    Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan Second Series

  • The lineup he's assembled embodies that dichotomy perfectly: it includes Ko Ishikawa, a member of the acclaimed gagaku ensemble Reigakusha who plays an ancient bamboo mouth organ called the sho, and Toshimaru Nakamura, an electroacoustic improviser who's worked with international heavies like Keith Rowe and John Butcher and specializes in manipulating feedback from a no-input mixing board.

    Chicago Reader

  • And because we can't get enough of Jill Zarin, (Team Jill! Fo 'sho') she is also the new spokesmom for - Gay OnLine Community for Entertainment and Daily News

  • Quincy Jones, his new book is "The Complete Quincy Jones: My journey and Passions" (Soundbite of song "Back on the Block") Mr. JONES: (Singing) Comin 'here, comin' here startin 'stuff, But Dude is back on duty fo' sho '.

    Q: The Legendary Quincy Jones

  • It was fun but tha food was only mediocre fo 'sho'.

    Cheeta Girls

  • Kit Kat Klub says: nigga 'what? nigga' sho 'can't tell me what to wear!

    damn panties


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