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  • Yes | No | Report from muskiemaster wrote 25 weeks 1 day ago ted nugent, michael waddell, jim zumbo, bill dance, lee and tiffany lakosky and jim shockey.

    who are the celebrities of the hunting world? who do people look up to for guidance, wisdom, etc.?

  • Yes | No | Report from scottprice wrote 42 weeks 6 days ago tred barta, jim shockey and tom miranda have the best hunts to watch, they actually scout and do things the hard way

    How does everyone feel about watching TV shows in which the hunters shoot monster after monster?

  • Yes | No | Report from willkillsdeer wrote 43 weeks 1 day ago it does get kind of annoying but its still pretty cool becuse they don't all hunt fenced in areas if you look at peaple like jim shockey he hunts way out in the middle of now where in canada

    How does everyone feel about watching TV shows in which the hunters shoot monster after monster?

  • This buck looks similar to, if my mind serves me correctly, was a whitetail taken on Jim Shockey's show (shockey did not guide this hunt one of his PH's did).

    What Would This Mule Deer Score?

  • As far as the draft the steelers a little more draft try 19 out of the 22 starters drafted as far as the Saints their defense is mostly free agents but they have been addresing that the last couple of years in the draft but the offense (starting 3 receivers and one back) eight of the 11 drafted one lineman (center I believe) and shockey.

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  • Reggie bush should be in jail for taking money in college, he cheated then and im sure he is cheating now. or maybe he is paying the refs instead of getting paid. he nows how better than anybody. shockey is the worst of all. crying out load what a baby the way he acts, get over the giants were better without you and thats why they won when you were hurt.

    Yahoo! Sports - Top News

  • Saints would have drafted olsen, they would have never traded for shockey to begin with, yes, i know, shockey healthy and in his prime is ten times the player that olsen ever will be, but there is still nothing showing me that the

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  • Jeremy Shockey of today is the shockey of his rookie year with new york, and dont get me wrong, i want shockey to succeed in the saints offense as much anyone else but so far i just havent seen it, hopefully he will get back on track and the injury wont bother him, and for the pro bowl comment, there are several players every year that get in the pro bowl on name recognition alone, how does portis get in last year over d'angelo williams? and it is kinda hard to make the pro bowl when u have to deal with beating out

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  • exactly NOT how that mara slimeball treated boss, ohara, seubert, smith,osi even blackburn and many others like shockey, barber, phil simms, and the list goes on and on.

    NY Daily News

  • 10 - Throw to shockey/thomas in the RT/LF center for 4-5 yards. - All Posts


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