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  • n. A form of documentary used to generate a reactionary effect in an audience; especially such a documentary containing scenes of violence, gore, or other disturbing imagery.


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Blend of shock and documentary.


  • Mr. Coleman's last role was in the film "Midgets vs. Mascots," a self-proclaimed "shockumentary" pitting small people against sports mascots.

    'Diff'rent Strokes' Star Gary Coleman Dies

  • Warren, a professional radio host in Asheville, North Carolina, originally interviewed High Priest Peter H. Gilmore on the air, was overwhelmed with controversial feedback, and felt the Church was a good candidate for a "shockumentary," as he calls it.

    Archive 2008-05-01

  • It's hard to imagine today the impact this tawdry but fascinating Italian "shockumentary" had on the world in 1962, when the bizarre customs of people in other lands seemed both exotic and horrifying to Western eyes.

    Joe Dante's DANTE'S INFERNO

  • So, while the filmmakers indeed use manipulation in major doses, with le Cilaire admitting himself the film is a "shockumentary," the staged footage is still grounded in reality.

    DVD Verdict

  • This Italian "shockumentary" showed odd behavior from all parts of the world.

  • "shockumentary" from 1962 is a travelogue of the world as seen by three Italians, Franco Prosperi, Gualtiero Jacopetti and Paolo Cavara, called "the most irresponsible filmmakers in the world."

    International Documentary Association -

  • Incidentally, all this was missing from the way audiences (in the Curzon cinema I think) saw another 1960s shockumentary — The Savage Eye (directed by Joseph Strick) — when I saw it I, like the audience, shuddered but felt no complicity at all.

    Ballardian » An Exhibition of Atrocities: J.G. Ballard on Mondo films

  • Dezio, in turn, responded with a statement about the animated short saying, "The content in this harsh and unscientific 'shockumentary - genre' video bears no relationship to the 'real' story of cosmetics."

    Marcia G. Yerman: What Price Beauty? New Legislation Seeks Safety Regulations

  • A supernatural shockumentary about a demonic presence in a young couple's home in London.

    Filmstalker: The Possession of David O'Reilly trailer online

  • The worst are those who saw some shockumentary on Russian orphanages and believe they know something.

    Thursday, July 23 – The Bleat.


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