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  • adj. shaky, giddy, unsteady, rickety


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  • One poll showing the Tory lead cut to just six points is a pretty shoogly nail upon which to hang your hopes.

    John Terry’s sacking as England captain tells us something interesting...

  • And if he has past form then his jacket will always have been on a shoogly peg.

    Not so Quick off the mark

  • Richard has had his jacket ona shoogly peg for some time, like Murdo Fraser, they thrive on Aberdeen University student politics.....

    Labour's Religious Division

  • Consequently, Richard Baker has once again left himself exposed and rather than the public heeding his constant claims that Kenny MacAskill is not up to the job of Justice Secretary, they are no doubt noticing that it is Mr Baker who has his jacket on a shoogly peg.

    Labour's Religious Division

  • A dead homosexual approaching St Peter at the gates of heaven will have his or her angel wings on a very shoogly peg, or so the apparent religious teachings would have us believe, Church of Scotland included.

    Rennie's Aisle

  • The Labour MP for Bloggerdom could have his keyboard in a shoogly socket after that 'brave' move.

    Tom Harris tells Gordon to go, to his face

  • But were he to lose out in Gordon to the Lib Dems (and, let's face it, all the Labour and Tory voters who will probably tactically vote), well his jacket is on a very shoogly nail indeed.

    Alex Salmond MSP ?

  • BBC2's Newsnight showed far better judgement by going to town with it as the lead story and at last giving proper coverage to the crisis surrounding Labour's Scottish Leader, Wendy Alexander, who's job as they say north of the border is now "hingin by a shoogly peg" (ask F. Nelson for a translation).

    Nought out of ten for the News at Ten

  • And any games designer who decided to openly implement either of those in his specification document would find his coat hanging by a very shoogly nail: his producer might decide that fatwas are more trouble than they are worth.

    Religion in MMOGs

  • And lo, it came to pass, that the pair of them were chugging up the A9 in Vale's well-weathered ancient Land Rover, the unrepentantly shoogly and rugged pre-Freelander type that was seldom seen without at least two sheep or four squaddies hanging out of the back.

    Be My Enemy


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