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  • v. Present participle of shoo.


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  • I hope this word shooing-horne doth not offend any of you, my worshipfull brethren, for you, beeing the worshipfull headsmen of the towne, know well what the horne meaneth.

    Kemps Nine Daies Wonder Performed in a Daunce from London to Norwich

  • Two days ago, he threw the biggest tantrum yet--a full 10 minutes that ended when he started "shooing" me away, so I went and hung out in the kitchen "dum de dum, just standin' here in my kitchen".

    Hello Terrible Twos

  • KAGAN: And it looks like we're looking at pictures that were taken just a short while ago of either a White House -- of a police officer or a security guard kind of shooing reporters off.

    CNN Transcript Mar 22, 2006

  • Instead of "shooing," they were looking up at Gisella expectantly, like pigeons waiting for breadcrumbs in a city square.


  • Marching from the clubhouse were ten pretty girls, "shooing" in front of them ten varieties of barnyard fowls!

    The Automobile Girls in the Berkshires The Ghost of Lost Man's Trail

  • I heard, as I was "shooing" on my bullocks, a very dejected voice exclaim, "How confoundedly disappointing."

    With Rimington

  • My father had already gone out and my mother was greatly frightened, but her indignation at having her privacy thus disturbed exceeded her fright and she proceeded to scold that Indian and tell him what she thought of such conduct, finally "shooing" him out.

    Old Rail Fence Corners The A. B. C's. of Minnesota History

  • Giraffe scrambled forward, waving his arms in order to discourage any beast that might think to attack him, and "shooing" at a vigorous rate.

    The Boy Scouts on Sturgeon Island or Marooned Among the Game-fish Poachers

  • "Hide them quick!" cried Blue Bonnet in alarm, "shooing" him back towards the creek.

    Blue Bonnet's Ranch Party

  • Bread, scones, and such thing were covered over with serviettes throughout all meals while hands were kept busy "shooing" flies out of prospective mouthfull.

    We of the Never-Never


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