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  • n. murder by shooting someone down in cold blood


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  • For example, the 9/11 Commission concluded that Cheney issued the first air force shoot-down order on the morning of September 11, 2001—apparently before he had spoken to the president.

    The Good Fight

  • Khomeini continued the slaughter of the Iran-Iraq war for six years beyond the expulsion of Iraqi forces from Iran, but agreed to a UN cease-fire after becoming convinced the United States was about to intervene more directly after the accidental shoot-down of an Iranian airliner in 1988.

    Wonk Room » Cohen: The Iranian Regime’s Days are Numbered

  • Today the fight has moved beyond visual range, into the realm of electromagnetic waves*, and involves what fighter pilots call “look-down, shoot-down” capability.

    The Last Ace

  • If anything, the pace of innovation is even faster in the military than in the civilian world, and as better look-down, shoot-down capabilities have come on line, they have been systematically layered and squeezed into the aging airframe of the F‑15.

    The Last Ace

  • The country's shoot-down policy effectively ended in 2001 after a CIA and Peruvian Air Force team mistakenly downed a plane carrying a family of U.S. missionaries misidentified as drug traffickers.

    Cocaine: The New Front Lines

  • But the accidental shoot-down of Iran-Air flight 655 in July 1988 by the USS Vincennes unquestionably contributed to Tehran's determination that the White House had allied itself with Saddam Hussein and therefore the Iran-Iraq war was lost.

    Iran's Act of War

  • However, the report said, that failure was not a cause of the shoot-down.

    U.S. Military Probe: No Command Error Before Copter Crash

  • The test record for the Airborne Laser since the 2010 missile shoot-down is mixed.

    Pentagon Loses War to Zap Airborne Laser From Budget

  • An odd way of describing the surrender following the accidental shoot-down of an Iranian passenger plane by the U.S. Navy.

    Pressure and Sanctions Won't Make an Enemy Change

  • When the first reports of the helicopter shoot-down arrived in 2007, word spread in intelligence circles that the culprit was an Iranian-supplied weapon, one person familiar with the incident recalled.

    Ex-spies ponder N. Korean missile sale to Taliban


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