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  • n. Alternative spelling of shooting iron.


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  • And if anybody took a notion to shoot him up, why, his luck saw him through, and the other man's shooting-iron missed fire, or exploded, or threw wild, or such like, till it seemed as if he sure did bear a charmed life; and so he did till a pore yeller tamale of a fool dog did for him what the law of the land couldn't do.

    The Passing of Cock-Eye Blacklock

  • As soon as he saw who it was, he grabbed for his shooting-iron; but just as he got hold of the handle, I dealt him a blow in the neck and he fell over against the counter, but I soon grabbed him and hit him a butt with my head.

    Forty Years a Gambler on the Mississippi

  • "Put that blarsted shooting-iron awiy!" he snarled at Mortimer,

    Okewood of the Secret Service

  • They are spry enough with a knife, but you show them the business end of a shooting-iron, and they'll streak like rabbits for the nearest hole.

    Raffles: Further Adventures of the Amateur Cracksman

  • It was not until he had roused up everybody around, broken in the basement door with an ax, gotten into the kitchen with his cursed savage dogs and shooting-iron, and seized me by the collar, that he recognized me -- and then he wanted me to explain it!

    Little Masterpieces of American Wit and Humor Volume I

  • "Be quiet, my jewel, till I pick up your shooting-iron," said Grady, who wanted to take back the rifle as a prize and a trophy, but feared that his nimble captive would escape him while he reached for it.

    For Fortune and Glory A Story of the Soudan War

  • So much of my Tennessee shooting-blood rose to my face that it is a wonder it didn't drip; but I was cold enough to have hit at forty paces if I had had a shooting-iron in my hand.

    The Melting of Molly

  • Then, as Purdee's laughter still jarred the air, he drew a "shooting-iron" from his pocket.

    The Riddle Of The Rocks 1895

  • Timothy hastily vaulted over the fence, drew his "shooting-iron" from his boot-leg, and cocked it with

    His "Day In Court" 1895

  • "Ye're sech a dead shot that ye could hev spared a minute ter make sure of the revenuer, afore _he_ could hev pulled a shooting-iron."

    The Ordeal A Mountain Romance of Tennessee


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