shooting-range love


from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A place used for practising shooting, especially rifle-shooting, where various ranges or shooting distances are measured off between the respective firing-points and the targets.


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  • Now, with the rise of the tea-party movement, the self-employed shooting-range supplier finds himself leading a movement.

    A Gun Activist Takes Aim at U.S. Regulatory Power

  • Khuzistan is perfectly flat, ideal for the shooting-range type of warfare that the US loves and practiced with brutal efficiency in the Kuwaiti desert.

    Think Progress » Rice’s Short-Lived Commitment To Middle East Democracy

  • The captain in Timbuktu echoes McRaven's sentiment as we discuss the shooting-range and medical-assistance operations.

    Letter from Timbuktu

  • The King himself practiced regularly with a rifle at a shooting-range in the Palace grounds.

    England Under Hitler

  • "And we feel that possibly some people called the Fangios, who run the flea-circus at the Fair, and also the shooting-range, may bc hiding him, " said Fatty.

    The Mystery of the Missing Man

  • The Fair was quite an ordinary one, with a roundabout, swings, hoopla stalls, a shooting-range, cake and sweet stalls, and various small side-shows.

    The Mystery of the Missing Man

  • They passed the shooting-range, where the shock-headed boy was still polishing the guns and whistling.

    The Rilloby Fair Mystery

  • Old Ma shambled over to look after the shooting-range when Young 'Un went to stand inside Billy Tell's tent with an apple perched high on his shock of hair.

    The Rilloby Fair Mystery

  • The clearing was long and slender, such a glade through the trees as the alley of the mountain bowlers which Rip Van Winkle found in the Catskills -- only the shooting-range was longer.

    Sergeant York And His People

  • It seems to be retained in France and to have shown satisfactory results with us; but care must be taken not to apply the experiences of the shooting-range directly to serious warfare.

    Germany and the Next War


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