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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of shoplift.


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  • It made no sense — every other outfit worn by Denzy had to cost thousands, and yet the fake moustaches looked like they were shoplifted from the local Halloween Adventure.

    American Gangster: Great Film, Bad Moustaches | Best Week Ever

  • Sidewinder, you think being shoplifted is violating, Sam had these 3 guys tell him he was a hack writer, an idiot, and put out a crappy product with ITA (the comic book I liked and was going to help them script into something) - BUT they decided to go to their major local competitor (whom they seem to have a contract with) and do a knock off of the project.


  • According to A Dark Planet, the most shoplifted item in America is a book.

    Wag the Blog #8: It's Only Stealing If You Get Smote

  • Indeed, a suspect can be found guilty of terrorism even if this shoplifted camping gear is never used.

    2009 May : Law is Cool

  • Michele Rodriguez says, "We're not talking primarily about hardened criminals, but your friends, relatives and neighbors who may have shoplifted once or twice, who have DUI's on their record or have drug charges that date back to the 1980's."

    Diane Dimond: Paying The Price: Twice

  • Real journalism version: woman ACTUALLY beaten and DEAD ... store employees murdered her ALLEGING she shoplifted sing it together:

    Live better... than this (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • “Mr. Tolson shoplifted another Snickers bar today,” Dad would say, piling his plate high with mashed potatoes and chicken breasts as he recounted his day at the small general store he and my mom owned.

    Skipping a Beat

  • Meanwhile, Bobby and Billy cut school and regularly shoplifted from the Plaid Pantry convenience store up on Duke and 82nd, near where they caught the bus.

    The Sins of Brother Curtis

  • Prices must be raised, Livingston says, "to make up for items shoplifted, higher security expenses, insurance liability, and higher wages."

    Al Norman: Rahm Emanuel's 40 Days in the Desert

  • If the case at point involved, say, a responsible parent and a child who shoplifted a $5 lipstick or something, maybe different facts (from the cite) would have resulted in a different probation offer.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Juveniles on Probation, and Their Parents’ Guns (and Other Weapons)


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