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  • n. a window of a store facing onto the street; used to display merchandise for sale in the store


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  • To the left of the shopwindow was a passage leading into a courtyard.

    Maigret and the Loner

  • Louis caught his reflection in a bakery shopwindow and noticed that his mouth was ajar, as if in profound thirst.

    The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre

  • Soon after this, a shadow fell over the shopwindow and the snorting of horses and clink of harnesses was audible.

    The Thief Taker

  • Fair hair flowing free as she jives to the rhythm of her singing, Judith embellishes one shopwindow, and Mundy her comrade-in-arms another.

    Absolute Friends

  • Then I saw a little cluster of people standing before a shopwindow and nodded toward them.

    Time and Again

  • That same afternoon Lapointe strolled along the Quai de la Mégisserie, where almost every shopwindow was filled with birds and other small pets.

    Maigret and the Madwoman—Simenon, Georges - 100

  • For a moment the ship hung suspended in the fog, like a gigantic toy in a frosted shopwindow.

    Tom Swift Jr And His Atomic Earth Blaster

  • One of these appears in nearly every shopwindow and over nearly every shopdoor.

    Europe Revised

  • Captain Cuttle, though no sluggard, did not turn so early on the morning after he had seen Sol Gills, through the shopwindow, writing in the parlour, with the Midshipman upon the counter, and Rob the Grinder making up his bed below it, but that the clocks struck six as he raised himself on his elbow, and took a survey of his little chamber.


  • He then went into lodgings at Alfredston, and saw in a shopwindow the little handbill announcing the sale of his father-in-law's furniture.

    Jude the Obscure


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