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  • Having short arms; not reaching far; hence, feeble.


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  • "Never mind searching the cells for weapons and giving the prisoners their short-armed salutes," he said.

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  • We'll meet a baby ankylosaurus incubated from an abandoned egg; rampaging, short-armed carnotauruses; and a pack of nicoraptors, which are like mangy, feral dogs.

    Terra Nova Exclusive: On the Set of TV's Hottest New Show

  • He finally did drop by the VA for some career guidance, and a short-armed woman with a shrub of salt-and-pepper hair and everyday compassion sat down and banged out that magical résumé, omitting any reference to combat experience.


  • And there are plenty of other grown-up features, like CFC-free air conditioning with a pollen and odor filter, power windows with pinch protection so that little fingers don't get squished and a telescoping steering column, which allowed my short-armed, longer-legged body to get perfectly positioned in the seat.

    Road Test: VW Rabbit

  • In the highly specialized world of professional football, at about 300 pounds he was considered too small to be a guard, and at six-two was considered too short (and short-armed) to play offensive tackle — a job that requires handling the outside rush of defensive ends, some of the fastest and most powerful big men in the game.

    A Beautiful Mind

  • Mercury, lose all the serpentine craft of thy caduceus, if ye take not that little, little less than little wit from them that they have! which short-armed ignorance itself knows is so abundant scarce, it will not in circumvention deliver a fly from a spider, without drawing their massy irons and cutting the web.

    Troilus and Cressida

  • He took a pretty pass from John Stockton and was fouled with three seconds left but short-armed both free throws.

    National Basketball Association - Jazz vs. Trail Blazers

  • '' I thought I kind of short-armed it at first, but it hung up there, '' Houston said.

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  • Who was the better catcher: Roy Campanella, steady behind the plate, unequaled in calling pitches, but a streaky hitter, or the short-armed swarthy Yogi Berra, the most dangerous hitter in baseball in late innings?

    Wait Till Next Year

  • We spent hours arguing about, among other things, who was the better catcher: steady Dodger Roy Campanella (right) or short-armed swarthy Yankee Yogi Berra (left).

    Wait Till Next Year


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