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  • adj. having a blunt nose


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  • Divers have reported sightings of schools of more than 200 hammerhead sharks and as many as 1,000 silky sharks in the protected waters, one of the few areas in the world where sightings of short-nosed ragged-toothed shark, known locally as the "Malpelo monster," have been confirmed.

    Shark massacre reported in Colombian waters

  • Brachycephalic dogs—short-nosed breeds like pugs and English bull dogs—are particularly susceptible to overheating and breathing issues.

    Ruff Flight? Logan Airport Staff Can Be Furry Travelers' Best Friend

  • He said it came from a dog that probably resembled the small, short-nosed, short-haired mutts that were common among the Indians of the Great Plains.

    Man's Best Friend: Study Identifies 9,400-Year-Old Dog

  • When a company called Ausra filed plans for a big solar power plant in California, it was deluged with demands from a union group that it study the effect on creatures like the short-nosed kangaroo rat and the ferruginous hawk.

    POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: June 19, 2009

  • We can now add to the happy family of participants the short-nosed fruit bat.

    Jeff Schweitzer: Getting Ahead...By Giving It

  • Our moral superiors would be horrified to learn, for example, that many males, including short-nosed fruit bats, lick their genitals after copulation.

    Jeff Schweitzer: Getting Ahead...By Giving It

  • In more of a short-nosed, rolled-skin, curly-tailed kind of mood?


  • The steppe mammoth and the European jaguar roamed southern Europe, while the Americas were covered in direwolves and giant sloths and 10-foot tall short-nosed bears.

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • Species listed as threatened (VU or above) include three near-endemic species: Luzon pygmy fruit bat (Otopteropus cartilagonodus), Luzon short-nosed rat (Tryphomys adustus), and long-nosed Luzon forest mouse (Apomys sacobianus).

    Luzon montane rain forests

  • Sweden's Koenigsegg builds the short-nosed $550,000 CCR supercar.

    Auto Brands You've Never Heard Of


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