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  • adj. Having an orbital period of less than 200 years, especially said of comets


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  • In a limited number of years, short-period comets complete an extended elliptical orbit around the sun.

    Modern Science in the Bible

  • For more evidence, see the noted references.61 4. Even in the universe there is evidence for a young earth, such as short-period comets and interplanetary dust particles floating around in our solar system.

    Modern Science in the Bible

  • The NEC considers the short-period (SP) comet nuclei, to which the Tunguska body belonged, to be fragments produced in explosions of massive icy envelopes of Ganymede-type bodies saturated by products of bulk electrolysis of ices to the form of a 2H2+O2 solid solution.

    2009 March - Telic Thoughts

  • The dark irony of all this is that banks have long argued that repo financing — which allows banks to borrow for a short-period against collateral — is one of the safest parts of a bank's liabilities.

    Lehman's Racy Repo

  • Some astronomers now think that short-period comets, which swing past the sun frequently, hail from the relatively nearby Kuiper Belt, whereas comets whose return periods are longer originate in the Oort Cloud.

    The Sky Is Falling

  • Here is a description of Kepler's in-situ photometer calibration before flipping the lid, here's a description of the carefully chosen star-field including known short-period planets to try out its sight on, and here's a description of one of those try-outs.

    Kepler Discovers Planets-like Objects Hotter Than Stars | Universe Today

  • It is now considered to be the source of the short-period comets. » The Kuiper Belt and The Oort Cloud

  • Many short-period comets were formed as a result of such explosions.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • Mainstream volcanologists had been attempting, unsuccessfully, to predict eruptions using gas emissions and short-period seismic tremors.

    Daily Telegraph « Climate Audit

  • I would like to prefer the person who loves my inner soul not my short-period beauty.

    Feminist blogging


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