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  • adj. Attributive form of short sword, noun.


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  • She withdrew a short-sword as wide as her bulky shoulder and drove it to the hilt through Master Persimon's clavicle and into his body cavity.


  • As a ninja, he would use a short-sword called a wakizashi for most missions, but there was nothing to compare to fighting with the full-length sword.

    Blood Ninja II

  • “All right then,” said Yukiko, and she tossed her short-sword into the same hand that held the katana, and advanced toward him, her index and pinky fingers out in the mudra for banishing evil.

    Blood Ninja II

  • His wrist snapped up, without conscious thought on his part, blocking the short-sword.

    Blood Ninja II

  • Each horseman is to carry shield and spear, long-sword and short-sword, bow, quivers and arrows, and your carts are to contain implements of various kinds - axes and stone-cutting tools, augers, adzes, trenching-tools, iron spades and the rest of the implements which an army needs.

    De Re Militari: The Society for Medieval Military History » Medieval Warfare in the reign of Charlemagne

  • Hither to meet it now cometh the witch, running along the bank, her skirts flying wild about her, and a heavy short-sword gleaming in her hand.

    The Water of the Wondrous Isles

  • So, I was deconstructing and dissecting the moves in the short-sword work we've been practicing, because I somehow was not getting the groove.

    Thumper Rabbit's Daddy's Dictum

  • To warm up, Guru decided that we needed to work on short-sword ours is called a golok -- which is machete-length, though generally with a slightly-curved edge.

    Thumper Rabbit's Daddy's Dictum

  • "Take your places," she said, and took her short-sword from the rucksack.

    Phoenix And Ashes

  • She got her feet into the empty stirrups and held on one-handed, still clutching the short-sword.

    The Warslayer


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