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  • adj. comparative form of short-lived: more short-lived


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  • That integrated system means that the health care and pension of those workers doesn't depend on winning the lottery of being on a hit show; as long as they work, whether consistently on one hit show or on a bunch of shorter-lived ones, they and their families are taken care of.

    Nathan Newman: How the Googlization of Television Will Destroy High Wage, Union Hollywood

  • Cheerful children, alas, turned out to be shorter-lived than their more sober classmates.

    How to Keep Going and Going

  • He then genetically engineered the mutant proteins into fruit flies and showed that the less soluble the protein, the less coordinated and the shorter-lived were the fruit flies.

    Connecting the Pieces of the Alzheimer's Puzzle

  • When asked on Tuesday why he didn't hire a star for his short-lived revival of "Ragtime," which earned seven nominations, or for the even shorter-lived "Brighton Beach Memoirs," producer Manny Azenberg replied: "Because I was stupid."

    Tony Nominations Raid Oscars' Rolodex

  • True, the EU relaxed state aid rules for the industry after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks led to a similar, but shorter-lived, disruption to air travel.

    Reform, Not Aid, For EU Airline Sector

  • By contrast, most other gases and impacts – such as the vapour trails and tropospheric ozone produced by planes at altitude – cause much more potent but shorter-lived bursts of warming.

    The surprisingly complex truth about planes and climate change

  • Smog would be shorter-lived: pollutants like methane and formaldehyde would be more rapidly lost to reaction with atmospheric oxygen.

    mikandra: help me speculate

  • There are several attractive features of the MSR fuel cycle, including: high-level waste comprising fission products only, hence shorter-lived radioactivity; small inventory of weapons-fissile material (Pu-242 being the dominant Pu isotope); low fuel use (the French self-breeding variant claims 50kg of thorium and 50kg 238U per billion kWh); and enhanced safety due to passive cooling in any size reactor.

    Fast neutron reactors (FBR)

  • The fission products are removed in reprocessing and resultant wastes are shorter-lived than usual.

    Fast neutron reactors (FBR)

  • Trask examines the difference between a vision and a fantasy: while the former tends to recur and has "magnetic pull;" the latter is shorter-lived.

    Heather Robinson: Bob Trask: An American Thinker


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