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  • n. Plural form of shortsword.


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  • Varian tightened his mask more firmly so that it would not slip and reached for his own weapons, two shortswords.

    The Shattering

  • Loryalt also thought that we ought to arm the local patrollers with truncheons as well as those shortswords.

    Soarer's Choice

  • As he neared, he saw that the attendant was a muscular woman, not a man, wearing the twin shortswords of Southwind - or of Westwind, if one believed the Legend.


  • A tall gray-haired woman in shimmering black trousers, a white shirt, a gray jacket-and the paired shortswords at her belt-nodded as she passed him.

    Wellspring of Chaos

  • The cooper barely managed to get the staff back and balanced in time to ward off the attack of the second helm guard, who was using two shortswords, one in each hand.

    Wellspring of Chaos

  • Each also wore two scabbards suspended from their leather belts, holding paired shortswords, one on each side, the kind reputed to have been used by the women of Westwind and the Legend.

    Wellspring of Chaos

  • That was bad—pikes had far more reach than shortswords.

    Advance and Retreat

  • A single woman guard in a crimson short cloak, wearing a brace of shortswords, stepped forward as Secca walked through the square archway and right hand door of the double oak doors.

    The Shadow Sorceress

  • There were also shipments of iron shortswords, for which he paid nothing.

    Scion of Cyador

  • Cerryl tried not to swallow as he caught a glimpse of mail beneath a stained shirt and several daggers almost lengthy enough to be shortswords.

    Colors of Chaos


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