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  • n. A shoulder- or waist-belt, usually of leather, to which a receptacle is secured, or several receptacles, for small shot: a common form is that which has but a single long bag or pouch, with a metal charger at the lower end. See cut B under shot-pouch.


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  • Out of her own pocket she had bought a shot-belt for one, and skates for the other.

    Tales of all countries

  • Judge Whaley had sunk in deep water, loaded down with heavy gunning boots, shot-belt, overcoat and gun.

    Tales of the Chesapeake

  • Cecil fastened a shot-belt round him, took a powder-flask and cartridge-case, and with a few words of thanks, went on his way.

    Under Two Flags

  • "Put these on," he said, and he handed the boy his shot-belt and powder-flask.

    First in the Field A Story of New South Wales

  • Tim stopped short, with the little shovel of his shot-belt in his hand, as he felt the long leathern eel-shaped case carefully.

    The Dingo Boys The Squatters of Wallaby Range

  • In these drawers are kept cow-drenches -- bottles of oils for the wounds which cattle sometimes get from nails or kicks; dog-whips and pruning-knives; a shot-belt and powder-flask; an old horse-pistol; a dozen odd stones or fossils picked up upon the farm and kept as curiosities; twenty or thirty old almanacs, and a file of the county paper for forty years; and a hundred similar odds and ends.

    The Toilers of the Field

  • Frank happened to be completely dressed at the time, and as he saw the wolf bound away up the mountain gorge, he seized his gun and snow-shoes, and hastily slung on his powder-horn and shot-belt.


  • "Now, Mister Harry," said the guide, as he slung a powder-horn and shot-belt over his shoulder, "we've no need to circumvent the beast, for he's circumvented hisself."

    The Young Fur Traders

  • Bunco, before darting away, seized an Indian gun, powder-horn, and shot-belt which had been left behind.

    Over the Rocky Mountains Wandering Will in the Land of the Redskin

  • I felt my shot-belt; it was fat, very fat, bursting with shot!

    Hudson Bay


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