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  • n. Alternative spelling of shotgun.


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  • I know that I slipped down into the steerage in a daze, and that I was just beginning the ascent to the deck, a loaded shot-gun in my hands, when I heard the startled cry:

    Chapter 18

  • It was in the good weather that followed, that he left the blacks at work, one morning, and with a shot-gun across his pommel rode off after pigeons.

    Chapter 18

  • I cocked both barrels and levelled the shot-gun at him.

    Chapter 32

  • I returned to my hut for the shot-gun, made sure it was loaded, and went down to the Ghost.

    Chapter 32

  • Wishing he had a shot-gun, Sheldon dropped to the ground behind a tree, slipped a fresh clip up the hollow butt of the pistol, threw a cartridge into the chamber, shoved the safety catch into place, and reloaded the empty clip.

    Chapter 27

  • Jacob Kent wheeled about, at the same time reaching for his double-barrelled shot-gun, which stood handy.


  • I use a "turkey scope" on mine during season, and when I use in "shot-gun only" areas.

    i am buying a shotgun for tuckey 10 gauge or 12 gauge semi or pump or single shot im going to put a red dot on it

  • He groped his way to the great living-room, and from the rack took down a loaded shot-gun -- loaded with bird-shot, left therein by the careless


  • She knew that whatever she did she must do according to the law, and in the long hours of watching, the shot-gun on her knees, the murderer restless beside her and the storms thundering without, she made original sociological researches and worked out for herself the evolution of the law.


  • Sometimes, when it was her turn and she sat by the prisoner, the loaded shot-gun in her lap, her eyes would close and she would doze.



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