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  • Eye dialect spelling of should have.


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should +‎ -'ve


  • The word I should've used was "colectora," rather than the literal translation of "service road."

    Mariela Dabbah: The Power of Spanglish to Make us Laugh

  • That the band went out on its own terms should've been expected.

    News -

  • I should've put him out of his misery but I couldn't.

    The Smoky Corners Gang

  • Man, you really should've tried out EA Sports Active at the EA booth; apparently the three poor souls demoing it during E3 never got a break -- not one single person wanted to give it a shot!

    Pondering An Effort At Exercise Software

  • I'm continuing to catch up on some of the things I would've linked, asked, discussed and shared with everyone here at SVGL had I had more time over the past couple weeks -- in that spirit, I should've linked this like ages ago, but I was invited to be on a podcast earlier in the month by the nice dudes of First Wall Rebate.

    Maybe Sometimes Make It Easy Take Your Time

  • It should've had a byline like "Learn to Harmonize!" or "Arrange music YOUR way!" or something to that effect and emphasized that this was not a "game" about following music, ala Guitar Hero, but rather a tool for you to see what you can do to a song on your own.

    Singing A New Song

  • I've started thinking they should've left e3 dead as I don't see how holding a press day showing off new toys wouldn't work just as well.

    E3 2009, Day 2, 3, Sony, Wow, Brain Hurts

  • It should've been something that sold at half the price it did and was never treated as a "AAA game", because that just leads to misconceptions about it being a competitor to Rock Band.

    Singing A New Song

  • It's ridicoulous, they all should've been black, there is nothing wrong or offensive about it.

    Savage Kingdom

  • If they were going to make the aliens so stylistic, they should've just done the whole film in CG.

    Trailer: Avatar


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