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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of shower.


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  • Rain showered from the edge of the umbrella onto Rue’s hair.

    GOD OF WORMS • by K.C. Shaw

  • The image was first seen when Juan Diego dropped from his cloak the Castillian roses the Virgin produced as a sign to prove her existence showered from the tilma to the Bishop’s feet.

    Christmas holidays in Mexico: festivals of light, love and peace

  • True, I have won battles, made laws, founded churches; but a single word serves to give the lie to all the pompous titles showered upon me by the people's admiration, and this one word rings out clearer in my ears than all the flattery of courtiers, all the songs of poets, all the orations of the crowd: -- I am an usurper! "

    Celebrated Crimes (Complete)

  • As more coinage showered into the hat, one among the crowd turned away with a smothered oath, and a look of hatred.

    The Lark And The Wren

  • There were crows and catcalls showered upon him when he retreated without the horse.

    The Red Badge of Courage

  • In Germany not only are titles showered upon the populace, but it is distinctly and officially stated by what title the office-holder shall be addressed.

    Germany and the Germans From an American Point of View

  • She was asking herself whether her recent conduct shrieked coquette to him, or any of the abominable titles showered on the women who take free breath of air one day after long imprisonment.

    Lord Ormont and His Aminta — Volume 5

  • The last episode of White Album left Touya on the brink of a night of passion with Yuki - The trouble is, after a hard day at work, poor old Yuki ends up fast asleep by the time Touya has showered, which is always a bit of a mood killer.

    Anime Nano!

  • When, during his rape trial, he was asked about the wisdom of having unprotected sex with an HIV positive woman, Mr. Zuma replied that there was no problem, because he "showered" afterward.

    Mbeki's Legacy

  • Far from being embarrassed by the thought of film fans getting "showered" by his ripped-off penis in 3D, the Stand By Me child star is relishing in the gory scene.

    Ottawa Sun


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