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  • v. Present participle of show up.


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  • Friends started showing up on Monday evening, including Brad and Leah and Rachel Polver, and before the sun had set in a dazzling light show over Mount Sopris, the food from the grill-your-own potluck was gone.

    127 Hours

  • St. Brendan's Hospital looked shabby and desolate, the bad grade of the lumber it was built of showing up glaringly in the streaky damp dark.


  • Maybe it was just the affection that came with the gift, but even as the familiar luxury of palace life closed in around him, Edoran found that Ron the fisherboy, far from dying, seemed to be showing up more and more often.

    Crown of Earth

  • Delphine surprised us all by showing up hugely pregnant, a gorgeous Tanzanian called, implausibly, Bruce it turned out his real name was Zawadi in tow.

    Dreaming in French

  • Furthermore, the job requires more preparation than simply showing up in a courtroom on the first day of the trial with your stenotype machine.

    The Perfect Reporter

  • This way if, say, Sir Cornelius Mosley calls and says hes showing up for tea with the dean, they can whip out his prized Manet and hang it in the drawing room.


  • Thies says the take-home message is that if an elderly loved one starts showing up with bruising and has unexplained falls, it's worth a trip to a healthcare provider.

    Falls linked to early Alzheimer's disease

  • The RNC, in conjunction with the New Jersey Republican State Committee NJGOP, discouraged minority voters from showing up at the polls by hiring off-duty law-enforcement officers to stand at urban polling places wearing black armbands that identified them as members of the nonexistent “Ballot Security Task Force.”

    How to Rig an Election

  • You: Mr. Rask is so mad at me for not showing up to that meeting on time.

    Raising Children Who Think for Themselves

  • Nothing like your mother showing up out of the blue to bring on a little coitus interruputus.



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