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  • adj. superlative form of shrewd: most shrewd.


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  • Once, he was referred to as the shrewdest of business men; now, he was held up to ambitious young tradesmen as a warning wreck, stranded amid the breakers.

    The Good Time Coming

  • "We want to be known as the shrewdest utility regarding energy efficiency," Kilgore said.

    The Daily Sentinel: News

  • Or was he one of the shrewdest occupants of the White House?

    Bluewater Sneak Peeks for December | Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News

  • Damon Knight wrote a novel in the 1960s entitled The Other Foot [a. k.a Mind Switch], which, among its other strengths, is one of the shrewdest examinations of bias that I have ever read.

    MIND MELD: Books We Love That Everyone Else Hates (and Vice Versa)

  • But Sept. 12 offered a new day, a day when we might demonstrate a different kind of response -- not an emergency response, but a calculated response reflecting the wisest, shrewdest, most forceful long-term strategy we might imagine for dealing with the kind of threat Sept. 11 had introduced to our land.

    Eliot Daley: Can 9/11 Prompt A More Peaceful World?

  • The shrewdest part of Speaker John Boehner's new payroll escape hatch is that it decouples the payroll holiday from other Democratic spending demands, which include another expansion of unemployment benefits and a patch to prevent Medicare payments to doctors from dropping by 27%.

    Payroll Progress

  • This strikes me as the shrewdest of moves, and one that will cause no end of teeth-grinding on the Catholic right, including the likes of Archbishop Burke.

    And the nominee to be the new U.S. ambassador to the Holy See is...

  • Many of the best Tests are those that enter their final day with any of several possible results still on the table, presenting a three-way push-me-pull-you of conflicting possibilities that tests the nous of the shrewdest captains and players.

    How to Save Test Cricket

  • But it's probably not the shrewdest color choice if you have dogs and small children and friends who are prone to overindulge and spill red wine—no matter that they apologize profusely or rush to pour club soda over the stain.

    Why the Carpet Is White

  • A little, curved, lop-sided man, with his head on one side and with the shrewdest and wickedest of faces and pale blue eyes, addressed an obscene remark to the mad



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