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  • n. Plural form of shrew.


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  • I set four "stands" (i.e. mouse traps) loaded with chunky Skippy (baiting for shrews is legal here!) in travel routes (floor mats) next to the other three food "plots" (i.e. seats) and proceeded to put my time in-brought the car in the garage and turned up the heat.

    Merry Christmas from My Deer Camp to Yours

  • The male ego is a sexual persona (the Latin word for mask) - one of many personae adopted at different times and for different reasons by different people-that reduplicates itself in phallic monuments and skyscrapers (stairways to the sky, the sun, to Heaven), in religious doctrines that designate women as the servants of men, in plays were "shrews" are to be tamed.

    Taylor Marsh: David Brooks Fears First Lady's Biceps

  • Small mammals such as shrews (Sorex spp.), voles (Microtus, Clethrionomys spp.), and lemmings with relatively large heat losses due to a high surface-to-volume ratio stay in the subnivean space (a cavity below the snow) where they are protected from low temperatures during the winter.

    General characteristics of arctic species and their adaptations in the context of changes in climate and ultraviolet-B radiation levels

  • In addition, he did some tests that demonstrated that the sticky caudal mucus was an effective deterrent against some slug predators, such as shrews and ground beetles.

    Archive 2008-12-01

  • While bat echolocation has been most widely studied, other mammals, such as shrews, whales and porpoises, and several birds also use echolocation.

    The Acorn

  • "The story could be further enriched if there were data about prestin genes in echolocating birds and other echolocators, such as shrews," he says.

    New Scientist - Online News

  • Yeah, Chris hates those "shrews" that called Faux News HQ when he said Obama wasn't president.

    Think Progress

  • These 'shrews' are American citizens and your constituants - in other words; YOUR BOSSES!

    Think Progress

  • A Birmingham anthropologist, Dr. Jordan, has divided the human race into two types, whom he calls "shrews" and "nonshrews" respectively. [

    The Varieties of Religious Experience

  • Jesus actually endorsed sound financial practices; see the parable of the talents in Matthew chapter 25 and the parable of the shrews manager in Luke 16.

    Anti-Finance Bias, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty


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