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  • v. Present participle of shrill.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A shrill noise or cry: as, the shrilling of the locust.

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  • n. a continuing shrill noise


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  • Peyrol, lying on his back under the swinging tiller, heard the calls shrilling and dying away; he heard the ominous rush of _Amelia_'s bow wave as the sloop foamed within ten yards of the tartane's stern; he even saw her upper yards coming down, and then everything vanished out of the clouded sky.

    The Rover

  • The Clan, lingering behind their parents, looked back at the group on the castle terrace before the trees hid them from sight, and Jock sent the pewit call shrilling through the dusk.

    The Scotch Twins

  • And never again would he walk a quarterdeck, and never again step on board with his hand to his hat and the bosun's calls shrilling in salute.

    Hornblower In The West Indies

  • Paula calls her voice "shrilling," but I'd sooner apply that to her personality, in a way, than her singing voice.

    Maximum Awesome

  • For part of the crowd came surging to the window, part went in one blind rush for the door to head him off and hem him in, and, through the din and hubbub rang viciously the voice of Margot shrilling out: "Kill him!

    Cleek, the Master Detective

  • All I know is that it ended with him shrilling in the fetal position against the carpet as he cupped his hands against his bleeding crotch.

    Dick Be Gone

  • Whereat he fell upon the sleeping voyageurs, kicking them, grunting, from their blankets, and buckling them down to the work, the while his voice, vibrant with action, shrilling through all the camp.


  • Her cries of delight, as described therein, were likened to the coyote howling on the mesa, the kettle shrilling on the stovetop.

    'The Four Fingers of Death'

  • Mr. Woods should curb his combativeness, and the rest of us need to quit shrilling that we have hatched the perfect genius formula for his redemption.

    Maybe We All Need Rehab

  • I remember vaguely crashing through two or three red lights, while the shrilling of police whistles all but deafened me.

    "A Leak in the Fountain of Youth" by Amelia Reynolds Long, part 3


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