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  • v. Present participle of shrine.


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  • Joyning thereto of GREY as great a name, Of both chief glories shrining in your minde,

    Shakspere and Montaigne

  • But in regard to every other book, however fraught it may be with the maxims of piety, however pregnant with momentous truth, there is nothing of this shrining himself of Deity in the depths of its meaning.

    Macaria; or, Altars of Sacrifice

  • IN PROSE AND VERSE; but take no thought of preserving their echoes, or of shrining them in the eternal basalt of print, like to the oft-repeated cries of Lurley's hunted in-dweller.

    The Complete Prose Works of Martin Farquhar Tupper

  • So it's pretty much like Global Warming Theology, then? yea, don't you just hate it how the rising global temperatures, rising CO2 in the air and water, shrining ice caps, disappearing glaciers, increase in natural disasters, and Al Gore are all conspiring together to make us believe in global warming.

    Medlogs - Recent stories

  • Upon the smooth-shaven lawn, at various distances from each other, were stretched parties of students, who either bent their brows over volumes of Greek or Latin -- or interchanged merry conversation, which passed around like an elastic ball -- or leaning their heads upon overturned chairs, suffered to curl upward from their lazy lips white wreaths of smoke which turned to floods of gold in the red sunset, while the calm pipe-holders dreamed of that last minuet and the blue eyes shrining it in memory, then of the reel through which she darted with such joyous sparkling eyes and rosy cheeks -- and so went on and dreamed and sighed, then sighed and dreamed again.

    The Youth of Jefferson A Chronicle of College Scrapes at Williamsburg, in Virginia, A.D. 1764

  • Shouldn’t there be SOME mainstream publication left fighting to EXPAND understanding by using words with nuance, rather than shrining understanding by forcing writers into banal, un-nuanced word choices?

    N.Y. Times mines its data to identify words that readers find abstruse » Nieman Journalism Lab

  • I would have you even as an ark to me, shrining and preserving my best affections, however the storms raged and the billows rolled around us. "

    The Partisan: A Tale of the Revolution. By the Author of "The Yemassee," "Guy Rivers," &c. In Two Volumes. Vol. II


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