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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of shroom.


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  • I wouldn't know if I was tweeked or shroomed, or having some effing acid flashback from '72!

    "You're quite close to death/Because you're addicted to meth."

  • Others have pretended to do drunk blogging, 'shroomed blogging still laughing, Bissage, LSD blogging, and now Lucky is doing meth blogging.

    Let's take a closer look at that...

  • It's a ridiculous notion I know but if anything could compel the dead to dig their way out of their graves and start to dance like some shroomed up hippy for a year who is "travelling" and making the obligatory stop at the a full moon party in Ko Pha Ngan it might just be this song.

    Irish Blogs

  • Someone gets shroomed for saying piece of news is old ... News

  • Your right some people have some serious attitude problems.: sarcy: ¬_¬ Someone gets shroomed for saying piece of news is old ... News

  • Stains of inequality which sat and shroomed in pockets in the old world, such as Apartheid in South Africa or Jim and Jane Crow in the American South, can no longer persist in the modern world.


  • I think that Burton is telling us with these pictures that in order to enjoy this movie at its full capacity we need to watch it shroomed the f*ck out of our brains! mattod could be Jason Manley from Massive Black arvinio reminds me of the cartoon in soo many ways lol i hope they emphasise the drug use more in this one

    More Concept Art from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland? | /Film

  • GUYS WHO WANTS TO GO SHROOMING??? if you love me you will never ever say shrooming, thank you. from my post secret rip post haha that sounds terrifying and funny but please don't say shroomed again, you remind me of this skid i used to work with at the hardware store who invited me to shroom with her and her friends DURING WINTER AT NITE IN A PARK and she was younger than me and thought she was all street. sorry i'd much prefer getting cozily drunk inside a warm bar with my fake id instead. she's the type of genius who thinks 9 / 11 was an inside job cos her stoner friends say it. in summation, I GOT HIGH ON MUSHROOMS AT DISNEYLAND AND GOOFY PROBABLY KNEW.

    Raymi The Minx


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