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  • Abounding in shrubbery.


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  • You entered through a wooden door and went along a shrubberied path which led to the Tavern.

    Recollections of Old Liverpool

  • When, in a bus, they rode through the suburbs of the wealthy, past shrubberied mansions and showy villas, along roads where liveried carriages, drawn by high-stepping horses, dashed by them, he felt himself in the presence of the fat man who jingled sovereigns, of the lean man whose slender fingers reached north to the Peak Downs and south to the

    The Workingman's Paradise An Australian Labour Novel

  • Dreamy blue hills rose behind, and wide rich flats stretched before, through which the Yarrangung river, glazed with sunset, could be seen like a silver snake winding between shrubberied banks.

    My Brilliant Career

  • The general manager lives in the shrubberied seclusion of the so-called Manor.

    The Lost Girl

  • The sun was barely over the top of Sugar Loaf, and the town, scantily shrubberied (for water costs as many dollars in Virginia as there are weeks in the year), lay sleeping in soft chill shadow below them, looking oddly picturesque and strange in the unfamiliar light.

    The Madigans

  • He ran across the park, leaped the light, invisible fence dividing the park from the gardens, and crept cautiously along a shrubberied pathway, where the evergreens afforded him an impenetrable screen.

    Run to Earth A Novel

  • The funeral train was moving slowly along the carriage sweep, through the winding shrubberied road.

    Vixen, Volume I.

  • Violet Tempest felt as if her heart must really break, as if this new grief were sharper than the old one, when the carriage drove in through the familiar gates, in the December dusk, and along the winding shrubberied road, and up to the Tudor porch, where the lion of the Tempests stood, _passant regardant_, with lifted paw and backwards gaze, above the stone shield.

    Vixen, Volume I.

  • Her changeful face saddened at the idea, and she rode along the shrubberied drive in silence.

    Vixen, Volume II.

  • Dryburgh Abbey must be a most beautiful spot of a summer afternoon; and it was beautiful even on this not very genial morning, especially when the sun blinked out upon the ivy, and upon the shrubberied paths that wound about the ruins.

    Passages from the English Notebooks, Volume 2.


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