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  • adj. Having a rhythm which encourages shuffling (mild raising of one's feet)
  • adj. Similar to the pattern of a shuffle (the mild unparticular movement of one's feet)


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  • Charlie had taken off his sunglasses and squinted straight ahead into the sun, like some sort of stoic cowboy, and Sam looked so panicked and shuffly I felt sure he was trying to hide a giant boner.

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  • He won't eat any, he's on some kind of weight loss challenge with the shuffly uniformed dudes at work and it perplexes me: he's already cut, his arm muscles rippling under a short-sleeved black golf shirt, torso long and lean with barbells and push ups.

    blog: Nice when no one is looking

  • He ate lunch in the underground mess with Eric Deming, a tall shuffly man in his early thirties, a couple of years younger than Matt, and one of the bombheads.


  • Listen to it with fresh ears, though, and the song's shuffly charm hits you like an anvil.

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  • He looks slightly more bent and slightly more shuffly.

    CNN Transcript Oct 19, 2005

  • He did come in looking fairly, I think, slower, more shuffly than when I saw him come into his initial hearing in the summer of 2004.

    CNN Transcript Oct 19, 2005

  • A shuffly beat, festive-sounding glockenspiels, weepy lyrics delivered with lashings of vibrato - they're all there: "I found a penny, I picked it up/The other day I had some luck/That was two weeks last Tuesday/Since then there's been a sliding feeling."

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  • "Sideways" speaks to that feeling anyway, of hope and summer and possibility, and it was as if a little voice that only I could hear was whispering it's going to be alright - you're going to be alright as I did the usual shuffly gig half-dance.

    [last year's girl]

  • "Better Off Dead" is a real joy to listen to, though, which invites you to sit back and soak up its light shuffly rhythm and breezy vocal melody.

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  • I love the "swing both arms sideways over head" move in the last chorus and the weird shuffly foot stamp thing, but can't actually quite manage either, let alone anything else.



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