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  • n. One who shuns (a thing).

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. One who shuns or avoids.


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From shun +‎ -er.


  • But hey, if you're cool with that, keep supporting that bastion of originality ... that shunner of polls and political winds.

    Hillary Mailer In Wisconsin Hits Obama On "Present" Votes

  • Erething above ground, as his Book of Breathings bed him, so as everwhy, sham or shunner, zeemliangly to kick time.

    Finnegans Wake

  • However, that's surely an option if you're a canned soup shunner.

    Chicken and Asparagus with Curry Sauce From the Recipe Archives

  • The 70-year-old shunner of both publicity and neck-ties also has a 5% stake in Banco Pastor, one of Spain's largest banks.

    Ortega's Inditex To Expand In Europe, Asia

  • Peter Carew of the Blues had been no shunner of women in those days; no taciturn, silent, unappreciative onlooker.

    The Rhodesian

  • He recalled the incidents of Vanamee's life, reviewing again that terrible drama which had uprooted his soul, which had driven him forth a wanderer, a shunner of men, a sojourner in waste places.

    The Octopus : A story of California

  • "Indeed, friend," he cried, in a voice penetrated with terror -- "indeed, friend, thou hadst best keep thy distance from me, for though I am a man of peace and a shunner of bloodshed, I promise thee that I will not stand still to be murdered without outcry or without endeavoring to defend my life!"

    Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates

  • The fascination exercised by Margrave was universal; nor was it to be wondered at: for besides the charm of his joyous presence, he seemed so singularly free from even the errors common enough with the young, -- so gay and boon a companion, yet a shunner of wine; so dazzling in aspect, so more than beautiful, so courted, so idolized by women, yet no tale of seduction, of profligacy, attached to his name!

    A Strange Story — Volume 04

  • The iPod has a seemingly endless array of third-party add-ons, but which ones are cool enough to convince an iPod shunner to finally give in and join the ranks of Apple consumers?


  • After the blazing heat of the summer, the rains bring me fresh relief (and I love summer so don't think I'm a sun-shunner).

    80 Breakfasts


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