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  • n. Plural form of shuttlecock.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of shuttlecock.


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  • And she repeated the word "shuttlecocks" three times.

    The Good Soldier

  • It now had fence slats and feed bags laid across, and held all types of useful things—shuttlecocks, disposable cameras, Play-Doh molds, and so on—things Joey found discarded, including a functional abacus, which is really quite rare.


  • It's all rather innocuous until Carillo reaches the differences between the shuttlecocks that the two groups use.

    Mary Carillo's Badminton Rant During Athens Olympics Is EPIC (VIDEO)

  • Now November was upon us, and we had kept All-hallow-mas, with roasting of skewered apples (like so many shuttlecocks), and after that the day of Fawkes, as became good Protestants, with merry bonfires and burned batatas, and plenty of good feeding in honor of our religion …

    Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November | Edwardian Promenade

  • It can even be virtuosic, as in " Hocket, " which she performed with Katie Geissinger, the two singers tossing sounds back and forth like shuttlecocks.

    The White Light Spectrum

  • But the Frogs made nothing of their part of the business, and Nolan and I were to and fro like shuttlecocks to St Arnaud; he was looking like death, and jabbering like fury, while a bare half-mile away his little blue-coats were swarming up the ridges, and being battered, and the smoke was rolling back over the river in long grey wreaths.

    The Sky Writer

  • For amusement, of course, you could try to determine which stink was more offensive - the garlic chewed by the driver or the grease of his axles - or watch the shuttlecocks of the wind-witch plant being blown to and fro.

    The Sky Writer

  • I remember once he took all the badminton shuttlecocks from the gym.

    Best Friends Forever

  • Fish proceeds to whack everyone around like shuttlecocks:

    The Little Professor:

  • Automatic shuttle-feeder Badminton shuttlecocks come at you with a lot more arc than, say, a baseball (or even a Ping-Pong ball).

    Going for Ping-Pong Gold Takes High Tech Training, Too


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