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  • n. A Chinese syrinx with 16 pipes of bamboo.


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  • Worst still, medical leave for whiplash cos they can suka suka say neck pain, here pain, there pain, giddy ... then u sure "siao" liao!

  • You two will be the siao-est parents in the entire universe.


  • And thanks to all sensible readers of Jerine for not scolding me like siao : You ppl are awesome!

    You've been prank!!!

  • That's hot chick Evelyn, Adrian, siao jar bor, and Eddy, whom I know for 14 years.

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • The girl buried next to me was screaming too, coz some sand got into her clothes and I was laughing like siao and my team had to remind me not to fidget coz I kept moving.

    cooltwinz Diary Entry

  • His great idea of wearing pink - _ - we'll go to east coast looking like 2 pink yiying's going to laugh like siao.

    yanxious Diary Entry

  • Our whole group was shaking with laughter la. and the groups which got cheated by his persuasiveness laughed like siao too.

    yanxious Diary Entry

  • And - cough - he wants to train and get abs so that he wouldn't be ticklish. - _ - siao la. wahahaha.

    yanxious Diary Entry

  • I suddenly felt that while walking out of the band room during break just now.hahas. - shrugs - im a bit siao siao in the head right now.

    yanxious Diary Entry

  • Then the 3 of us were walking super slowly on the golf course, laughing like siao, going 'omg, i dont hear the band. what if they're not playing already?' and 'ahhhh. pple are having a picnic at the istana! lol!'

    yanxious Diary Entry


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