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  • n. The state of being a sibling.


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From sibling +‎ -hood. Compare brotherhood, sisterhood, etc.


  • My sister had decided, apparently, that broadcasting her relationship with her actual boyfriend was more important than broadcasting our whimsical siblinghood.

    Claire Gordon: Facebook Break-Up

  • If the athleticism has always been there, the psychology of siblinghood has at times seemed to play a role.

    Williams sisters not distracted by 'family decision' talk

  • Kim and this boy were long lost siblings who only needed to be properly reintroduced in order to restore their fidelity of siblinghood.

    Between Places- by G D Ward

  • I'm not sure what that piece of paper hanging of the bars is, but it's probably either a speech that will unify the entire cycling world in eternal siblinghood, or else the turn sheet for some charity ride.

    The More Things Change...Part II: True Greatness

  • I'd like to believe there's a "siblinghood of journalists" and that they'd save my chair, but firstly, I'm not a journalist, and secondly, this was a shifty-looking bunch.

    The Indignity of Commuting by Bicycle: The Dignity of Attending a Press Conference

  • Of course the PC crowd has spoiled that phrase for everybody: nobody wants to befoul the language by uttering the expression "the parenthood of God and the siblinghood of humankind."

    Pillars and posts

  • Even the already infamous trip to Cuba in the movie's final third works in the sense that it's incredibly moving, tapping as it does into the mess of feelings and regret surrounding 9/11 and the perpetually denied dream of universal siblinghood.

    Gerry Canavan

  • In this manner I intend to spread goodwill, understanding and siblinghood where it is so desperately needed.

    the perfect religion! « raincoaster

  • Here the rivalries inherent in siblinghood are muted, partly because twins are emblematic of similarity rather than difference, and partly because brother-sister relationships seem less hostile and threatening to Shakespeare than brother-to-brother relationships.


  • Identical twins are a special case in the phenomenon of siblinghood.



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