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  • n. Plural form of sibship.


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  • Our results, because we used maternal sibships, indicate a genetic or maternally derived mechanism for kin recognition involving root communication.

    Altruism: Even Plants Can Do It - The Panda's Thumb

  • The 100 families, or more correctly fraternities or sibships, were classified by the number of children per fraternity, as follows:

    Applied Eugenics

  • The respondents to the sibling history survey are exclusively women, so by definition the sample includes no sibships where (1) the siblings are all men, or (2) all the women have died.

    PLoS Medicine: New Articles

  • The percent dead for females has been corrected in sibship sizes 1, 2, and 3 to account for the increased occurrence of zero-female-survivors in these sibships.

    PLoS Medicine: New Articles

  • This indicates that underrepresentation of high mortality sibships is an important consideration when analyzing sibling survival data.

    PLoS Medicine: New Articles

  • Figure S1 and Text S1 show our proposed correction for the fact that the surveys do not capture sibships with zero female survivors.

    PLoS Medicine: New Articles

  • In the second case, where all the women in some sibships have died, reweighted mortality rates that ignore this will be biased downward.

    PLoS Medicine: New Articles

  • Corrections for sibships where all females have died lead to much more modest changes in the estimated rates of adult female mortality.

    PLoS Medicine: New Articles

  • In the first case, we assumed that the mortality rates for men in all-male sibships are the same as mortality rates for males in sibships with one or more females.

    PLoS Medicine: New Articles


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