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  • Of or pertaining to the sicæ. See sica.


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  • And as he menacingly sings back Ricardo's lines, a certain tension mounting, there is finally a momentary release and the orchestra finds pristine, almost neoclas sical resolution just as the curtains close.

    Pilar Jurado's Blank Page

  • Years later, Lindsey said that he and Stevie knew that if they became that kind of band, playing that kind of music, they would forfeit their artistry and lose what mu I~KE A CHARMED HOUR AND A I LWN ED SONG 147 sical direction they had.


  • For the rest of him, he had a straight nose, just fractionally too long for clas sical beauty, strongly accented cheekbones, and deepset eyes the colour of agate flecked with gold.

    The Tycoon's Mistress

  • The PO in charge would bet a month's wages that Enderby would never get sical.

    two women

  • He received a BA from Amherst College in 1961, a BS from MIT in 1961 and a Ph. D in Ph.sical Chemistry from MIT in 1965.

    Biographies Of Sub Cabinet Appointees

  • He whistled louder and with more intricacy, a medley of clas - sical themes.


  • The transformation of the meaning of the word “clas - sical” from a term of value to a term for a stylistic trend, type, or period in which differences of quality are allowed to exist, was the crucial turning point.


  • Given this situation the design argument in its clas - sical form has found few friends in recent times.


  • Our term extension comes from the late Latin term extensio — itself derived from the clas - sical verb extendere — and it became a philosophical term in the Middle Ages.


  • But the concepts themselves are of clas - sical (i.e., ancient Greek) origin; they were originally formulated by Plato and Aristotle.



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