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  • n. A military call, sounded on a drum, bugle, or trumpet, to summon sick men to attend at the hospital.
  • n. A summons for a clergyman to minister to a sick person.


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  • The report said that from October 2005 to June 2006, sick-call records showed 38 reported illnesses that "an attending medical official said could be attributed to water, such as skin abscesses, cellulites, skin infections and diarrhea."

    KBR/Halliburton did provide dirty water to U.S. troops in Iraq

  • Schumacher, who fought as a private in Somalia in 1993, says he would not deny a soldier a sick-call visit for a legitimate injury.

    The Army We Have

  • But, supposing that the ship could be put off her course, supposing that Lycas did not hold sick-call, how could we leave the ship in such a manner as not to be stared at by all the rest?


  • In the Army, Motrin will be prescribed to you whether you are in the clinic for a regular sick-call or in the emergency room because your internal organs have just spontaneously combusted.

    bluemeany Diary Entry

  • Friars, making a sick-call, and she prattled on very merrily about his frugal little tea awaiting his late return, and asked her twice on the way home whether it was half-past nine, for she did not boast a watch; and in the midst of her prattle was peeping at the landmarks of their progress.

    Wylder's Hand

  • August encounters the doctor bound on a sick-call.

    The Road Leads On

  • Phil Boyce finished the last of his sick-call chores—no more heavy than usual.

    Vulcan’s Glory

  • Twelve days after being "in-country", he filled-in for another pilot on sick-call, for his 5th mission.

    Keirn, Richard P.

  • It appears that about seven o'clock Father Letheby had a sick-call outside the village.

    My New Curate

  • Father Letheby was coming home a few nights ago, a little after twelve o'clock, from a hurried sick-call, and he came down by the cliffs; for, as he said, he likes to see the waters when the Almighty flings his net over their depths, and then every sea-hillock is a star, and there is a moon in every hollow of the waves.

    My New Curate


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