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  • n. Plural form of sickbed.


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  • On the frontlines of civic life, tending sickbeds and delivering babies, women have alliances and access that men don't.

    Abigail E. Disney: Afghanistan's Secret Weapon

  • Just today 2 people at work told me stories of our employer-sponserd plan, for which we pay huge premiums and ever-increasing deductibles and copays, and my colleagues still have to fight the insurance company from their sickbeds following emergency surgery.

    Lobbying for Your Health: 150,000 seniors in revolt

  • Again, in the eighteenth-century, my favorite period in English Literature, (at the dawn of the modern era -- but before Louis Pasteur), accoucheurs (the precursors of obstetricians) killed many women with the microbes they unknowingly carried from the sickbeds of other patients.

    Erica Jong: If Men Could Get Pregnant, Abortion Would be a Sacrament

  • Nearly everyone in the village -- women, children of both sexes as young as 2 years old, even the elderly and the invalids who were too weak to get out of their sickbeds -- fell victim to the Gillette.

    Terror Islands

  • Likewise, if Robert DeNiro, Edie Falco, Lynn Redgrave, Suzanne Sommers, Jaclyn Smith, Rue McClanahan and a host of others had given up and taken to their sickbeds, we would have been deprived of many hours of entertainment.

    No! To All the Political Haymakers Who Said the Edwards Were Making Political Hay...

  • Well, now the Bush people are ordering soldiers out of their sickbeds to Iraq --. soldiers who already served multiple “tours” in many cases.

    The Bush Regime needs to be stopped somehow, so what's it going to be America?

  • No human at the time knew why little Sickle Eve could work and play and live while other children were dying or languishing in sickbeds.

    The Edge of Evolution

  • I had seen wives weep themselves into a stupor over the sickbeds of abusive husbands, and children cry hysterically at the funerals of fathers who had torn stripes in their thighs and buttocks with a belt.

    The Unquiet

  • Although my aunt warned me that he would get me in trouble, I could hear a new call and see a new horizon, and believe it at my young age; and a little bit of trouble or even Dean's eventual rejection of me as a buddy, putting me down, as he would later, on starving sidewalks and sickbeds — what did it matter?

    'On the Road'

  • In sickbeds all over the city, the people of Govinna were dying, their bodies ravaged by the Longosai.

    Chosen Of The Gods


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