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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of sicken.


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    Michael Martin sickens me

  • This tawdry abuse of human suffering for political gain sickens me to the core of my being.

    Waldo Jaquith - “Why the shootings mean that we must support my politics.”

  • "I will tell you; the man who holds the bill (ah, the word sickens me) reminded me when he called that I had seen him at my mother's house -- a chance acquaintance of hers -- professed great regard for me -- great admiration for Mr. Darrell -- and then surprised me by asking if I had never heard Mr. Darrell speak of Mr. Jasper Losely."

    What Will He Do with It? — Volume 07

  • Pish! how the name sickens me: but come, I have a father; at least a nominal one.

    The Disowned — Volume 05

  • But there it is, glaring horribly through the sallow, leaden eye; proclaiming itself in the sunken, deathlike look; ghastly protruding bones; the faltering, hollow voice; preaching audibly from the shattered, shaking skeleton; piercing to the most vital marrow of the bones, and sapping the manly strength of youth -- faugh! the idea sickens me.

    The Robbers

  • I personally am not a huge sports fan, the fact that we pay these folks to play games more than we pay the people who are in charge of teaching our children kind of sickens me.

    "Release the flying monkeys..."

  • At the door he said, Ms. McGrath, you must understand that the sound of Skip Reardon’s name sickens me.


  • Third, I suppose services would have to be based on global brands, which kind of sickens me, but it's cash. what's new online!

  • And what really kind of sickens me is the negative press, and there has been very little that we've seen, haven't even watched the movies.

    Multichannel News: Business News

  • Wishing injury or death on people -- it kind of sickens and frightens me.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz


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