from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Having a falcate or falciform bill, as a bird; saber-billed.


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  • Humming-birds buzzed round these flowers; one species, the sickle-billed hummer, has its bill especially adapted for use in these queerly shaped blossoms and gets its food only from them, never appearing around any other plant.

    IV. The Headwaters of the Paraguay

  • A flock of sickle-billed curlews stood motionless until they were within fifty yards; then rose and flew just inside the line of the breakers, uttering indescribably weird and lonely cries.

    The Gray Dawn

  • Quaint little horned frogs crawl sluggishly along in the wheel tracks, and the sickle-billed curlews run over the ground or soar above and around the horsemen, uttering their mournful, never-ceasing clamor.

    The Home Range

  • The sickle-billed curlew, of which there were many a few years ago, is becoming scarce.

    Our Vanishing Wild Life Its Extermination and Preservation

  • Came also the sweep of cinnamon wings as the giant sickle-billed curlews wheeled in vast aerial phalanx, with their eager cries, "Curlee!

    The Covered Wagon


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