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  • Shaped like a sickle; falcate in form; falciform; drepaniform.

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  • adj. curved like a sickle


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  • I think fish with lunate tail fins (meaning crescent or sickle-shaped) such as tuna, various jacks, and marlin can exert more proportionately more force than those with broad tails such as bass or trout.

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  • The November 1910 issue of the medical journal Archives of International Medicine (Arch Intern Med 1910: VI (5): 517-521) published a report by Dr. James B. Herrick titled, "Peculiar elongated and sickle-shaped red blood corpuscles in a case of severe anemia."

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  • New marrow produces healthy red blood cells to replace the sickle-shaped ones that can't squeeze through small blood vessels, the cause of the disease's pain, infections and life-threatening organ damage.

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  • Bodies are found blistered and burned and purposefully positioned to form two shapes: a five-pointed star and a sickle-shaped moon.

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  • A large brown bird alighted at the end of the pier and wobbled over on spindly legs to check out the body bag, jabbing at the plastic with a sickle-shaped beak.


  • But during highly stressful physical exertion their blood cells can become sickle-shaped, preventing the delivery of oxygen to tissues and organs.

    Colleges mandate sickle cell testing

  • Sickle cell anemia creates sickle-shaped red blood cells, which block vessels, causing chronic problems with intense pain, life-threatening infections and organ damage.

    Colleges mandate sickle cell testing

  • With nimble fingers she opened up the pocket where the sickle-shaped knife was.

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  • The creature reached into a pocket on his rucksack and unsheathed a small sickle-shaped knife.

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  • The other hand held the sickle-shaped weapon that was resting on the otter's throat.

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