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  • Of the same kind, or in the same manner; similar or similarly.


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  • At this time, all the boundis of Scotland were ful of woddis, lesouris, and medois; for the countre wes more gevin to store of bestiall, than ony productioun of cornis; and about this castell was ane gret forest, full of haris, hindis, toddis, and siclike maner of beistis.

    Chronicles of the Canongate

  • It'll dae weel eneuch for thae dissentin 'bodies, wi' their prayer-books, but what hae we, wi 'the psalm-buik, an' a regular ministry, an 'a regular kirk, to dae wi' siclike follies?

    St. Cuthbert's

  • And when I was a limber lad like yourself, I do think truly that once I might hae likit weel to hae been lot and part of siclike stir and hazard, and to see the bale-fires burn.

    Copper Streak Trail

  • "Aye, sir, she Avad that, though I'm thinkin 'that she wad be kindlier wi' the besom-shank than Jess; no that I wad for a moment expect that there wad be ony call for siclike," he said, with a look of apology at Ralph, which was entirely lost on that young man, "but in case, sir -- in case --"

    The Lilac Sunbonnet

  • I canna help thinkin 'the gudeman 's i' some trible -- siclike, maybe, as King Dawvid whan he made the psalm I hae been readin 'i' yer hearin '.

    Donal Grant, by George MacDonald

  • Him 'at canna trust in siclike conditions, I wadna gie a plack for ony ither kin' o 'faith he may hae.

    Donal Grant, by George MacDonald

  • Ye're jist a gey bonnie lassie, siclike as mony anither; but gien ye war a 'glorious within, like the queen o' Sheba, or whaever she may happen to hae been, there wad be naething to be prood o 'i' that, seem ye didna contrive yersel.

    Heather and Snow

  • I jist gaed to the coachman and gart him put his horses tu, and tak his denner wi 'him, and m'unt the box, and drive straucht awa til Aberdeen, and lea' the carriage whaur I boucht it, and du siclike wi 'the horses, and come hame by the co'ch.'

    Heather and Snow

  • I'm thinkin the bonny man maun hae a heap o 'tribble wi' siclike, be they bairns or mithers! '

    Heather and Snow

  • It maitered little sae lang as they war lasses as hertless and toom-heidit as himsel, and ower weel used to sic havers; but a lassie like you, 'at never afore hearkent to siclike, she taks them a' for trowth, and the leein sough o 'him gars her trow there was never on earth sic a won'erfu cratur as her!

    Heather and Snow


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